Friday, May 28, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

these are a selection of sculptures by ron mueck. he is a creative genius, beyond that really.

i don't smoke.......but if i did.

In Theory

In theory we can fly

In theory this should impress women

Monday, May 24, 2010


Agressive Vanity

Sunday, May 23, 2010

i love you. what? nothing.

nightmare on chelmsford

okay, my dream was so royally fucked up last night i fear sleep itself tonight. myself my brother and two best friends sarah and rose were all invited to Beyonce Knowles wedding. i am guessing to Jay-Z. we instantly freaked out about what to get her as a wedding present so we all head of to the op shops. it was realistic in the way that i saw people i do not like and reacted the exact same way i would in reality, hiding my face and avoiding eye contact. i stumbled upon an amazing golden jacket that literally glowed and i knew it had to be hers.

so there we are at Beyonce's wedding, in Sarah's backyard, that was much larger than life. the ceremony did not feature just the party that followed. Sarahs brother Nathan who is also one of my best friends was dancing around drunk and talking to his mother. someone then had a heart attack or something medical that required them to have open heart surgery. this seemed to unleash some demon from the sky that turned into a giant hurricane. this is where it gets really fucked up.

just before the twister of death hit i rushed people into the big blue shed that stood tall as a shelter. i scrambled my way behind the door so i could not see what was going on outside. standing next to me was Drew Barrymore. She and many others had cracks to see through. now in reality, when i am scared i block my ears, it is an instant reaction kind of thing, fairly embarrassing. so i blocked my ears and watched everyones reaction. the twister outside was like a blender. as soon as it touched you, you turned to nothing but projectile blood. so all of this red blood was staining the faces of celebrities and other not so significant wedding guests.

after the strom i ran outside to find my brother. this was the most traumatic scene of my dream. i only found his hat. i then found Sarah who collapsed on me and Rose standing in the back corner of the yard with no expression. i was then elected leader of this small mob of desperate people. when asked what to do i said.
"We must walk to scarborough. our bets hope of avoiding a tsunami is at observation city."

this dream had no symbolism to reality. it was just vivid and weird.

The Battle

I swear Mr. Montgomary Moth that you only choose to show your face when I am in a coma like faze of being asleep but still aware of the outside world. Where do you live? Why do you taunt me with your wicked voice of miniscule cat screams. My life will be satisfactory when I squash you. You sick bastard, you live to deprive me off relaxation. I hate you. Are you only happy when fondeling with my ear drum? You need to get out more, seek other hot items, preferably a flurescent light that electrcutes you to your grave. The war between us as only just begun.

Friday, May 21, 2010

my fingers a crossed that you aren't a player

hair shmair

i dont want to cut my hair. i have split and dead ends but i dont want to cut it. i hate getting my hair cut. it always gets fucked up and i was come out with the same generic style to every other girl you walk by. so please miss/mister hairdresser when i come to pay a visit do not fuck it up.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"YOU SUCK! learn to be cool by yourself thankyou sweet heart."

little taste of heaven

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

get off my lawn

i want to be a cool old person. one that isn't mean. one that doesn't frown upon new fashion because it will probably be what i was wearing when i was young. i donut fear age i just hope i can embrace it as naturally as this sick bitch.

heavens has